Gay Trans Disney Prince

Miles Nelson is a writer, illustrator, trans man, and cape enthusiast. In this episode, Miles talks with Quinn about coming out to some family members in his wedding invitation, how being trans does and doesn’t intersect for him with being on the autism spectrum, a dragon that used to haunt his dreams, and stories of trans joy.

Some links to things that might interest you from the episode:

  • Miles Nelson’s Web site:
  • Miles’ latest novel, Riftmaster can be found on Amazon and Waterstones
  • The Gender Euphoria anthology, edited by Laura Kate Dale, in which Miles’ essay and many others appear
  • William Goldman’s classic (but completely non-diverse) story The Princess Bride: the movie and the book (they’re both great, but they’re a bit different)
  • Trans writer April Daniels’ novels telling the story of a trans superheroine: Dreadnought and Sovereign.
  • One show Quinn completely forgot to mention when the discussion turned to programs with joyful depictions of nonbinariness is Steven Universe. It starts out seeming like a weird kids’ show but goes much deeper and achieves some tremendous things.

And here’s Miles’ self-illustration that we talked about on the episode:

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