Transfeminine Voice

Quinn’s guests for this episode are Dr. Joy Musser, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and Gwendolyn Sierks, a trans woman with a passion for music. In our conversation, we talk about transfeminine’s voices and what does–and doesn’t!–work when a transfemme person/trans woman wants her speaking voice to sound more traditionally feminine. We also talk… Continue reading Transfeminine Voice

The Beauty in the World

Chijioke Williams (she/her) is a transfemme Chicago-based voiceover artist, writer, sound designer, podcast creatrix, and parkourist. Her new urban audio drama Between Heartbeats just dropped (mid-February 2023) and can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast sources. In her All the Genders conversation with Quinn, she talks about her life, her identity, and her… Continue reading The Beauty in the World

Pangender and Transfemme in Musical Theatre, Parts I and II

Canadian playwright, actor, producer, musical director, and transgender advocate Avery-Jean Brennan (they/them or she/her) joins Quinn for a two-part conversation about coming out twice, changing genders with an acting career already in progress, making queer theater, directing a trans-enhanced production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, receiving anonymous hate mail just for being on stage,… Continue reading Pangender and Transfemme in Musical Theatre, Parts I and II

Transition and Making Yourself Anew

Quinn’s guest is Dr. Jen Gonzalez, who talks about her road to understanding herself as a trans woman, coming out, teaching, HRT, trans politics, and more. For this episode, you can also view the view of our conversation on Jen’s YouTube channel at . Trigger warning: This episode includes discussion of child sexual abuse.

Undocumented Trans Latina Activist

In this episode, Quinn gets the opportunity to speak with the dynamic Jupiter Peraza, the Director of Social Justice and Empowerment initiatives for the San Francisco Transgender District, an area in San Francisco’s Tenderloin that is officially recognized by the city and that helps provide connection, continuity, and support for trans San Franciscans. Jupiter talks… Continue reading Undocumented Trans Latina Activist

Tea for Tea: Nonbinary Trans Sam and the She/They Gentleman

Sam is a nonbinary trans man, a nursing student, a visual artist, and Quinn’s younger son. His partner, Lane, is a nonbinary writer and student. In this episode, they talk with Quinn about finding gender, being trans and nonbinary in the Deep South, the need for better awareness of trans and nonbinary issues in medical… Continue reading Tea for Tea: Nonbinary Trans Sam and the She/They Gentleman

Gay Trans Disney Prince

Miles Nelson is a writer, illustrator, trans man, and cape enthusiast. In this episode, Miles talks with Quinn about coming out to some family members in his wedding invitation, how being trans does and doesn’t intersect for him with being on the autism spectrum, a dragon that used to haunt his dreams, and stories of… Continue reading Gay Trans Disney Prince

Hella Queer Nonbinary Bruja

Gustavo Mercado Muñiz is a joyful nonbinary person who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and who is the Transgender Program Coordinator at the Vermont Pride Center. In this inaugural episode of the podcast, they talk with Quinn about the importance of their family (both birth and found), magic, navigating the Spanish language as… Continue reading Hella Queer Nonbinary Bruja