Transfeminine Voice

Gwendolyn Sierks (left) and Dr. Joy Musser (right)

Quinn’s guests for this episode are Dr. Joy Musser, Ph.D. CCC-SLP, a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and Gwendolyn Sierks, a trans woman with a passion for music. In our conversation, we talk about transfeminine’s voices and what does–and doesn’t!–work when a transfemme person/trans woman wants her speaking voice to sound more traditionally feminine. We also talk a bit about singing, and you’ll want to hear the beautiful vocal and piano performance excerpt Gwendolyn was kind enough to share.

You can find Dr. Musser’s web site at

Note: This show is the Season 2 finale! All the Genders will be on season break for the next few months. Meanwhile, check out Quinn’s new queer science fiction mystery comedy serial podcast, The Scent of Gravity!

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