Mistaken for Cis Women

Quinn welcomes friends (of theirs and of each other) Jenn Grossi and Dr. Trish Derocher to the podcast. Like Quinn, Jenn and Trish both use she pronouns and they pronouns, but they each experience their gender differently.

Both Trish and Jenn are often assumed to be cis women. What works and doesn’t work about that, and how does being nonbinary affect their lives and their relationships?

You’ll also hear about Jen’s experiences as a nonbinary actor and musician, Trish’s somatic coaching work, trans and nonbinary children (Quinn and both guests, in addition to being nonbinary themselves, also all have trans and/or nonbinary kids), and much more.

Jenn and their husband Don organize and host the Summer Street Music Series in Bradford, Vermont.

See below for more about Trish’s work and podcast.

Transformative Consciousness is a blending of mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and social justice philosophies. It understands individual transformation as the gateway to collective social healing. To carry out this vision, Transformative Consciousness provides an array of individual, group, and institutional offerings to meet people where they are at in their healing journeys, and to honor the inherent interconnectedness between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Trish’s offerings include somatic coaching, vibrational healing, and DEI consulting work rooted in a racial healing ethos.

Instagram: @transformativeconsciousness

Heart. Change. Consciousness. Podcast

Heart. Change. Consciousness: Inspired Activism as a Spiritual Path
Motivation and inspiration are powerful tools that change and influence perspectives, voices, and projects that shape the world. With all the negativity in the world, it can be hard to find those rare and beautiful stories that tell of inspired spiritual activism and individual healing journeys. On Heart. Change. Consciousness. we inspire listeners to take action towards a more JUST world by hearing from authors, change-makers, influencers, activists, poets, filmmakers, and cultural workers who practice inspired spiritual activism and transform vulnerabilities into sources of strength.

Heart. Change. Consciousness. is for anyone who wants to learn about other ways of looking at and being in the world, hear from contemporary visionaries and cultural workers who are already doing the work, and who feel inspired to step into their power and do their part to bring in a more just world.

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