Bi-gender Agnostic Nerd Vet

This week’s guest, Ring, talks with Quinn about growing up fundamentalist, evangelical, and queer; Schroedinger’s Gender; nonbinary elves; and Freddie Mercury as a spirit guardian. Quinn tries and fails to pronounce “funvangelical.” Links! 1Ring42’s YouTube Channel forum (open to nonbinary folks) Join the Bi-gender/Genderfluid/Nonbinary Allyship Discord server

Tea for Tea: Nonbinary Trans Sam and the She/They Gentleman

Sam is a nonbinary trans man, a nursing student, a visual artist, and Quinn’s younger son. His partner, Lane, is a nonbinary writer and student. In this episode, they talk with Quinn about finding gender, being trans and nonbinary in the Deep South, the need for better awareness of trans and nonbinary issues in medical… Continue reading Tea for Tea: Nonbinary Trans Sam and the She/They Gentleman

Gay Trans Disney Prince

Miles Nelson is a writer, illustrator, trans man, and cape enthusiast. In this episode, Miles talks with Quinn about coming out to some family members in his wedding invitation, how being trans does and doesn’t intersect for him with being on the autism spectrum, a dragon that used to haunt his dreams, and stories of… Continue reading Gay Trans Disney Prince

Hella Queer Nonbinary Bruja

Gustavo Mercado Muñiz is a joyful nonbinary person who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and who is the Transgender Program Coordinator at the Vermont Pride Center. In this inaugural episode of the podcast, they talk with Quinn about the importance of their family (both birth and found), magic, navigating the Spanish language as… Continue reading Hella Queer Nonbinary Bruja